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We want to make an inquiry for cranes, what information should we provide?
As for engineering and quotation of an overhead crane, following key paremeters should be provided
-Capacity: The rated safe working load of the crane is needed.
-Application: What kind of material will it lift?
-Working duty: How frequent you will use your crane? And will it work with full load often?
-What's the gider type? Double Girder type or single girder type?
-Span(S): The distance of Travelling rails' centers.
-Lifting Height(H): The distance from the floor level to the hook center in upper position.
-Power Supply: Is it 380V, 50Hz,3 phase or other?
-Control Method: It can be control via pendant, cabin, wireless controller or any combination of them.
-What is traveling length? Do you need us to supply crane rails?
-Plant drawing: Plant layout will be perfect if it is available.
What things should be considered when purchasing an overhead crane?
Following things should be considered
-What is design strandards of the crane, is it ISO classification? and what is the class?
-What is the deflection of the bridge girders?
-Are the bridge girders of rigid box girder or simple I-beam construction?
-What is the wheel diameter,wheel material and hardness?
-What is the wheel bearing life? What types of bearings are used?
-What is the duty cycle of the motors?
-What is the design factor of the hoist motor?
-How is the hoist drum driven?
-What is the ratio of the wire rope diameter to the wire rope sheaves and hoistdrum? What is the rope diameter?
-What is the general construction and serviceability of the hoist and trolley?
What is your warranty of cranes?
-12 months after delivery, but not exceed 16 months of date of bill of lading.
-Any quality issue during warranty period, all repair fees will be in our account.
-Warranty period exceeding,any maintanence, repairing and revamping service can be provided, however, cost will be in client's account.
What spare parts should we buy in stock?
We suggest following spare parts in stock
-Lifting motor 1 set.
-Lifting switch limit 2 pcs.
-Pendant controller 2 pcs.
-Relayors 1 set.
How do you do the package of the cranes?
Mainly we pack our cranes like this:
- Girders and Lubrition system: Wrapped by plastic strips.
- Crane Trolley: Wooden box or pallet.
- Electric parts: Wooden box.
What are the safety devices applied on the cranes?
We adopts following devices to ensure your safe operation
-Overload Limit switches.
-Limit switches: upper and lower lifting limit switch, trolley traversing limit switch, crane traveling limit switch.
-Alarm, emergency stop, anti-collision devices,Earthing, overheat protection etc.