Operator Cabin for Port Crane
The operator cabins are installed in the rubber-tyred gantry cranes, quay cranes etc. The cabins are with safety, wide view, and protection from noise, uncomfortable temperature and vibration.
Brief Introduce
Our Crane Cabin are subject to the strictest quality controls, such as ultrasonic testing, magnetic particle testing, liquid penetrate testing to ensure that every product is in excellent condition.Our cabins are wildly applied to port industry, shipyard, construction industry, steel mill industry, aluminum industry, mining industry, etc.
Detailed Configuration
Cabin Features
Cabin Features
  •   High quality steel material for frame.
  •   Cold rolled steel plates for cabins are cut and bent by the numerically controlled machine
  •   The cab is sound/fire/water proof and heat insulated.
  •   The windows glass is tempered & laminated, which can reach to high impact, heat resistance and anti-vibration.
  •   The entrance door is open outwards and sealed with rubber protecting from high temperature and water proof.
  •   The floor is made with removable steel panels with anti-slip rubber mat.
  •   A special sheet for cabling is laid between floor and bottom to prevent abrasion of the wire insulation.
Optional Components
Optional Components
  •   Heater preventing the windows from freezing and misting
  •   Operator console
  •   Touch screen
  •   Ammeter and voltmeter
  •   Distribution panel
  •   Displayer and panelboard
  •   Communication tools
  •   Loudspeaker
Optional Components
Optional Components
  •   Clock
  •   Air conditioner
  •   Curtains and blinds
  •   Lighting & Switch
  •   Foot switch
  •   Windshield wiper &washer
  •   TV monitor
  •   Door limit switch
  •   Door colser
  •   Heater
Product Structure
Product Data
Form 1
SQS-01 2204 1500 2100
SQS-02 2204 1500 2100
SQS-03 2204 1500 2100
Remark: We can special make cabin according to your drawing