F24-60 (5-speed universal double rocker)
F24-60 double-rocker Remote Control is currently on the market the most advanced remote control of traffic.
Application scenario
F24-60 super-safe design, more than 4.3 billion kinds never repeat the security code, fault self-diagnosis, automatic locking and frequency tracking, etc., is a leading global original. Even if the key is not inserted, the emergency stop button is still valid. Switch / rocker / fault relays and other components automatically stop, and can no longer boot.
F24-60 has exceptional communication design, synchronous transmission codec, with software to eliminate interference, debugging, correction, manual replacement of the digital frequency of hundreds of groups, by the computer / copier directly change the set of all functions.
F24-60 a large number of programmable features and scalability, using Win95/98 compatibility software, relay contact output can be planned and proportional linear / logarithmic response, etc., are within the design.
After installing the module proportional analog signal output (additional charge)
Two 10 million five-speed mechanical life rocker sense of the paragraph
Automatic signal search and tracking circuit offset
A variety of functions and parameters can be set via the computer interface
Pure proportional joystick, no poor contact of the switch contact failure
Detailed Configuration
  •   Dimensions: 20x11x9 cm
  •   Weight: about 860 g
  •   Proportion of standard 0-10V output;6 function keys
  •   4 three-position / rotation at the beginning of the two locations
  •   Lightweight lavalier design, ergonomics for Asians
  •   Three-battery voltage warning device, voltage is less than its own circuit
  •   Enhanced Watchdog automatic stopping device;Can be set according to user needs for free
  •   To prevent sudden power-off measures;LED and signal output
  •   Programmable relay output;3 superheterodyne receiver circuit
  •   10 single speed keys (3, 4 key is invalid)
  •   Control up to 11 points
  •   Warning devices with battery voltage, the voltage is less than its own circuit
  •   Security key switch to prevent unauthorized use
  •   Up / down, east / west, north / south can be set as to whether mutual inhibition
  •   Boot health can be set to boot the computer, speed up, flick jump, ordinary functions
  •   Alternate 1-2 set for the general health by computer, interlock, flick jump, switch and other functions
Standard configuration
Standard configuration
  •   Transmitter 1 (with strap)
  •   Receiver 1
  •   3-meter receiver with anti-pull cable
  •   Operation and maintenance manual 1
  •   For double hook multi-speed, multi-function and the proportion of flow traffic
  •   And a variety of complex functions with a remote control for industrial control