Electric trolley
Build up open winch trolleys are used in crane installations in a wide variety of industries. Flexibility and possible combinations of individual sub-assemblies of various types meets individual requirements.
Application scenario
They are equipped, assembled, delivered just in time due to its modular design for container transportation.
Load capacity 5 - 500t
Classification M3-M8
Hoist output 20 - 140 kW
4/2; 8/2; 12/2 rope reeving arrangements
Crab frame of welded steel construction with optimum weight
Travel wheels largely wear-free
Detailed Configuration
Trolley Frame
Trolley Frame
  •   A rigid box girder construction reduces overall trolley weight and the wheel load, the centrally support girder reducers trolley wheel base and hook approaching dimension. High strength bolted connections.
Wire Rope Drum
Wire Rope Drum
  •   The wire Rope Drum is rolled by steel plate and machined with an optimized groove profile, rigid and long life.
Rope Sheave Assembly
Rope Sheave Assembly
  •   All Rope sheaves are hardened to 220-240 HBN and lubricated for life. The reeving arrangements provide vertical lift to protect the wire rope.
Wire Rope
Wire Rope
  •   A high service life rope with flexible steel core and non-rotation resistance.
Limit Switch
Limit Switch
  •   Optional overload limit with setting available from 110% to 125% of rated capacity
  •   Multifunctional travel limits with high precise sensors
  •   Special designed wound-rotor asynchronous motor for cranes and metallurgical cranes
  •   Protective class: IP54; Insulted class: F for common purpose and H for metallurgical purpose
  •   Heavy Duty motors with 60% duty cycles, and up to 600 motor starts per hours
Product Data
Hydraulic Brake
  •   Low-maintenance drum Brake with advanced ED thruster, long service time with oversized lining and brake control.
  •   A horizontally split gear case is used for easy access and reduced maintenance cost. Extremely high service life with helical, hardened and ground gearing, splash lubrication.