Wall Traveling Jib Crane
BB-type wall traveling jib crane is kind of lifting equipment special designed for machining workshop and assembly workshop. It uses the pre-installed rails on the wall of workshop, and walking along the wall.
Application scenario
Wall traveling jib cranes are efficient equipment performing their tasks reliably in factory. Working with chain hoist, it offers flexible and cost efficient material handling solutions for any job in the workplace.
Detailed Configuration
    It can be divided into 2 types according to its structure
  •   Single girder jib crane: working with electric hoist
  •   Double girder jib crane: working with standard trolley
Product Structure

Product Data
Form 1
Lifting capacity t 0.5 1 2 3
Lifting height m 6;9;12;18;24;30
Max.Valid cantilever 5-12.5 5-10
Mini Valid Cantilever 1 1.2
Working system A3(intermediate)
speed Hoisting m/min 8/0.8
trolley 20
Jib Arm 8-40
Power Source   380V,50Hz, 3Phase or other