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SHENGQI can provide engineering solutions in both standard and custome cranes. Each particular project is developed taking account the best technical and economical solution.

We have a team of dedicated and experienced engineers who provides excellent technical and economical solutions ensuring the efficiency and reliability of the handling material solution.they works in each step of project, from the basic idea thought detail engineering to assembly and commissioning.
Steel and Concrete Industry
Oil and Gas Industry
Chemical Industry
Transport and Logistics Industry
Paper Industry
Automotive Industry
Environmental Protection Industry
Machinery Manufacturing Industry
Municipal Construction Industry
Shipbuilding Industry
Our authorized engineers can work on a variety of material handling projects in different fields such as the above mentioned industries, etc.
In addition to engineering our own overhead crane gantry crane,and its runway,our engineers can provide engineering services to:
Analyze existing runway structures to determine their capacities.
Determine if existing buildings have adequate reserved capacities to support either a ceiling supported crane system or a semi-free standing crane system.
Design industrial crane runway and jib foundations or to modify existing foundations to support a new crane system.
Determine if an existing crane runway or a bridge crane can have its capacity increased.